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Range kits

The 35003R/35004R Range kits (which are similar in style to the automotive range kit pictured) contain a selection of Recoil’s most popular sizes of standard thread repair kits including:
- High speed steel (HSS) intermediate STI taps
- Quantity of inserts
- Installation / tang break off tool

In particular each size has its own contents too:
M5 - Manual installation tool, M5x0.8 intermediate tap, 10 M5-0.8 x 1.5D inserts, tang break off tool
M6 - Manual installation tool, M6x1 intermediate tap, 10 M6-1 x 1.5D inserts, tang break off tool
M8 - Manual installation tool, M8x1.25 intermediate tap, 10 M8-1.25 x 1.5D inserts, tang break off tool
M10 - Manual installation tool, M10x1.5 intermediate tap, 10 M10-1.5 x 1.5D inserts
M12 - Manual installation tool, M12x1.75 intermediate tap, 10 M12-1.75 x 1.5D inserts

The 35004PR (Professional Range) product (see picture below) contains the following:

• Four Recoil lightweight pre-winder tools for simple and rapid installation
• Four high speed steel (HSS) intermediate STI taps
• Four individually boxed quantities of inserts 1.5D length
• An insert extractor tool: one for each diameter size – M6, M8, M10 and M12


The BSC 36001 is subject to a six week lead time from date of order.

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